2x/4x Handsfree Magnifier

Model 2513 is a 2x Handsfree hanging magnifier with a 4x Spot Lens at the bottom right corner. The lens diameter measures 150 x 115mm. It includes an adjustable cord which loops around the back of your neck to hold the magnifier in place for up-close work. This magnifier is great for knitting and sewing, model making and many other activities where both hands are needed.

1.5x, 4x
Lens Size
150 x 115

Case Quantity
Case Length
46 cm
Case Width
34.5 cm
Case Height
48 cm
Inner Length
43.815 cm
Inner Width
16.510 cm
Inner Height
22.860 cm
Item Box Length
214 mm
Item Box Width
158 mm
Item Box Height
21 mm

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