1.5x Clip-on Eyeglasses Magnifier

Model EG31 are wearable, hands-free magnifiers that are easy to use. With their sturdy, durable clip, they can transform any pair of glasses into 1.5x magnifying lenses. The lens diameter is larger than the EG41. The flexibility also allows for the user to easily switch from the magnifier to regular glasses with one quick flip. It can be used by hobbyists, crafters and modelers who wish to have hands free magnification while engaging with their subject.


Case Quantity
Case Length
58 cm
Case Width
40 cm
Case Height
41 cm
Inner Length
27.940 cm
Inner Width
12.700 cm
Inner Height
38.735 cm
Item Box Length
135 mm
Item Box Width
77 mm
Item Box Height
24 mm

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